InText's layout is split into three basic resizable columns:

  • Conversations: The left column is where a list of your most recent conversations will appear. When you send or receive a message, it will move to the top of the list. Special attributes will also appear alongside conversations, such as if they are associated with a web chat, or in the event they are pending an Opt-In. Unread counts and unread timers will also show here. Every conversation has a drop-down arrow next to it allowing you to perform further actions like editing the contact's details, sending estimates, or printing the conversation.

  • Messages: The middle column will primarily display messages associated with the conversation you've selected. These are sorted by the newest at the top. This is also where messages will display that are pending an opt-in, or are scheduled for delivery in the future. The top of the column contains the response area for composing replies to the selected conversation.

  • The column on the right contains various different supplementary lists to help you use InText. The content will vary by industry and user permissions. Some of the lists include a list of automated messages that are queued for delivery (for you to manually review), a list of messages you have scheduled for delivery in the future, and lists pertaining to industry-specific events like appointments and repair orders.